Halloween Crawl

- Saturday - 

October 27th, 2018 4PM-12AM

2 Free Drinks

9+ Venues

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Check In


To start the crawl you will need to first pick one of our check in locations. Remember you only need to check in once.  During the check in you will receive two very important things. The first will be our official crawl wristband.  The second will be your ticket(s) for free drinks.  Every crawl is a little different, but the "Bar Crawl" section below you will see what venues and how many are offering free drinks. 

The Pourhouse Downtown

10 S 5th St, Minneapolis, MN 55402

FREE Drake Sunrise Shot (4PM-6PM)



Our crawls are often called "Make Your Own Adventure Crawls". The reason for this is we have a ton of bars, drink specials, and other things going on, but we don't have a set agenda. The reason we don't have a bar 1, bar 2, bar 3 format, its because most of the times are crawls are so large many of the bars are not large enough for the whole group. That and for 500 people to show up to one bar at the same time, would mean you would wait for hour just to get one drink. 

Brass rail

$3 Kinky Liqour Drinks, $3 Rail & Domestic Bottle (4pm-7pm), $3 Lift Bridge Taps, $4 Pumpkin Bears


$4 Coors Light Bottles, $5 Green Tea Shots, $6 Double Captain Cokes, $10 Personal Pitcher

$6 Select Apps

cowboy jacks

$3 Mich Light, Bud, Bud Light, & $5 Halloween Shot


$2 Jello Shots, $3 Mystery Beers, $4 Apple Shots, $5 Grave Diggers & Witches Brew

Jackson Hole

$3 Rail, $3 Coors Taps

Last Call

$4 Calls, $4 Bomb Shots

The Loon

$3 Grain Belt Specials, $6 Grape Apes

The Pourhouse Downtown

$3 Domestic Bottles, $4 Rails, $5 Dark & Spooky Drinks

Sneaky Pete's

$3 Domestic Bottles, $3 Select Rails, $4 Calls & Premiums, $5 Top Shelf

$3 Tots & Fries, $5 Wings



All of our After Parties have either a will DJ or a rocking band.  Remember when our after party starts, most of our deals and specials end with the other bars on the crawl. So don't be late and get to the after party! Don't forget your friends, and don't forget to get find a safe and sober way home. 


430 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401


$4 Coors Light Bottles, $5 Green Tea Shots, $6 Double Captain Cokes, $10 Personal Pitcher

$6 Select Apps


Click the map below to load the interactive view on desktop and mobile. If there is a blue line, that is the route the buses will take. If there is no blue line this crawl is a walking only crawl. If there are (A), (B), (C), et cetra, those are to designate the stops that the bus will take.  We designed our colors like a stoplight (green-yellow-red). Our check in location(s) will be a Green Drop Pin, bar crawl venues are Yellow Drop Pins, and our after party will have a Red Drop Pin.

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Pictures from 2018


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Forrest Welliver

Forrest Welliver



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Call or Text Forrest

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