- Saturday - 

February 16TH, 2019 5PM-12AM

3 Free Drinks

14+ Venues

Free Party Buses


Check in


To start the crawl you will need to first pick one of our check in locations. Remember you only need to check in once.  During the check in you will receive two very important things. The first will be our official crawl wristband.  The second will be your ticket(s) for free drinks.  Every crawl is a little different, but the "Bar Crawl" section below you will see what venues and how many are offering free drinks. 

psycho suzi's

1900 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

[Yellow Ticket]

Free Kraken Cocktail (5pm-10pm)

The Moose

356 Monroe St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413

[Green Ticket]

Free Raspberry Kamikaze Shot (5pm-10pm)


2300 University Ave NE, Mpls, MN 55418

[Red Ticket]

Free Tall Boy Of Fulton Oktoberfest or Socialable Cider (5pm-12am)

BAR CRAWL & Bus Times


Our crawls are often called "Make Your Own Adventure Crawls". The reason for this is we have a ton of bars, drink specials, and other things going on, but we don't have a set agenda. The reason we don't have a bar 1, bar 2, bar 3 format, its because most of the times are crawls are so large many of the bars are not large enough for the whole group.

The buses will run from 6pm-10pm HOWEVER the final bus pickup is 9:30pm. Those buses are going to do a final pickup and go to the after party. PLEASE remember and tell your friends there are NO MORE PICKUPS AFTER 9:30pm.

To find the locations for the pickup and drop offs look at the map below. Those locations are lettered. Not all the bars we have on the route have stops, some you will have to walk a few blocks. Drivers are directed to follow a route and schedule and can not for any reason make custom stops for the safety of everyone on the crawl.

(A) psycho suzi's

$5 Kraken Cocktail

(B) Bunny's

$2 Hamms | $6 Beer & A Bump

(C) The 1029 Bar

$4 Vodka Drinks | $4 Fireball | $4 Coors Light

(D) Elsie's

Brown Bag Shots!

(E) The Moose

$4 Michelob Golden Light & Miller Light & $4 Vodkas Until 9pm

Spring Street tavern

$3 Tallboys | $4 Bacardi, Jameson, Fireball & Captain | $4.50 Jager Bombs & Suaza Gold Margaritas

(F) Vegas Lounge

2-4-1s 8pm-9pm Karaoke @ 9pm


$3 Domestic Pints | $4 Specialty Pints | $5 Wells

331 club

$4 Surley Taps

(G) Mayslack’s

$4.50 Wells | $4.75 Domestics


$4 20oz Coors Light, Michelob Golden Light, Nordeast Drafts

(H) Jimmy’s

$3 Old Style | $3.50 Fireball

(I) Gasthof’s

$5 Vodka Red Bull

$2 Pretzel

Betty dangers

Harvard Margarita

(J) tony jaros

$6 Greenie

Bar Games


We are happy to be partnering with Open Arms MN for our non-profit fundraising bar games! 

Open Arms is a non-profit kitchen that employs over 7,300 volunteers to prepare and deliver over 600,000 free nutritious meals all over the Twin Cities each year. They help those in need, and now you have a fun opportunity to help them! Volunteers from Open Arms will be operating a Hula Hoop Contest (Psycho Suzi's), Dart Throw (Mayslacks), Bags Toss (Lush), and an A Hole Shot (Moose) throughout the crawl. Be sure to pick up a scorecard at Check-In. You'll be able to earn great prizes, all while helping a great cause in the local community. Scorecards MUST BE TURNED IN BEFORE 11PM AT THE AFTER PARTY! Don't miss your chance to win, and feel good while doing it!

Bus Schedule




All of our After Parties have either a will DJ or a rocking band.  Remember when our after party starts, most of our deals and specials end with the other bars on the crawl. So don't be late and get to the after party! Don't forget your friends, and don't forget to get find a safe and sober way home. 


2300 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418


Click the map below to load the interactive view on desktop and mobile. If there is a blue line, that is the route the buses will take. If there is no blue line this crawl is a walking only crawl. If there are (A), (B), (C), et cetra, those are to designate the stops that the bus will take.  We designed our colors like a stoplight (green-yellow-red). Our check in location(s) will be a Green Drop Pin, bar crawl venues are Yellow Drop Pins, and our after party will have a Red Drop Pin.

Map Legend Left.png
Map Legend Right.png



A limited amount of walk up tickets will be available

$30 At The Moose, $30 at Gasthofs, and $40 at Psycho Suzi’s

We reserve the right to raise prices to even out the check in locations.

Contact Billy

Hey :) I am in charge of this crawl. Feel free to ask me anything!

Billy Roach

Billy Roach



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